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Dainfern College reaches out!

Outreach and community service are a priority for Dainfern College. We believe it’s important for our students to understand just how important outreach is, both because it uplifts the community and because it is such a significant component of personal leadership development.

In fact, our High School leadership programme demands that students complete several hours’ of outreach service.

We are very proud to report that Dainfern College’s Outreach activities have been very successful!

A feeding scheme that fills over 200 little bellies

The Dainfern College Feeding Scheme, run under the auspices of the Dainfern College Foundation, currently feeds approximately 200 vulnerable children of ReShomile Primary School in Diepsloot.  For some of the children who’re registered on the scheme, the meals are their sole source of food.

Indeed, the Dainfern College Foundation has increased our impact on the world around us! (And that’s the Foundation’s tag line!)

Growing veggies, sustainably

To ensure sustainability of our feeding scheme, the Foundation has empowered the pupils at ReShomile to help themselves by learning to, and assisting with, growing their own fresh produce in a vegetable garden.

To get the ball rolling in creating a vegetable garden at ReShomile, the Dainfern College Foundation launched One Seed Can …™ in 2016.  Dainfern College pupils received packs containing everything they needed to grow beans. The bean seedlings they grew were taken to ReShomile Primary School where the ReShomile Grade 7 pupils planted them in a vegetable garden. The beans harvested at the end of the growing season provided a fresh, home grown meal to all 1 300 pupils at ReShomile Primary.

Based on the success of One Seed Can …™, Nedbank kindly donated R50 000 to the Foundation and, in March 2017, the Foundation erected a Food Tunnel and extended the vegetable garden at ReShomile Primary. This will provide fresh food for the pupils at lunchtime every day!

Raising funds to raise the veggie gardens

To raise funds to buy new plants for the vegetable garden regularly, the Foundation partnered with Nampak and House of Print, who donated change collection cans to the aptly named “Change Can…” cause. These Change Cans were distributed to students and staff, for the collection of loose change. And through the initiative, the Dainfern College community raised over R60 000! These donations will go a long way to securing the sustainability of the veggie garden next year, and will also contribute to other related outreach initiatives.

Click here to find out more about the Dainfern College Foundation.

Other High School Outreach successes in 2017:

  • Donations to the eighty residents of Jordan House, including home-cooked meals, baked goodies, knitted cushions, beanies and blankets as well as Christmas goodies
  • Blankets and scarves knitted and donated to the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela.
  • Mandela Day crafts donated to hospitals, the SPCA, creches and orphanages, including cushions, blankets, beanies, dolls and gloves.
  • A donation of R30 550 was raised for CANSA.
  • Thousands of Easter Eggs collected and gifted to the schools and creches in our Feeding Scheme network
  • Christmas Hampers for the 450 children on the school’s Feeding Scheme.

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