Figuring out English

The Grade 6s had an enjoyable and practical introduction to figurative language last term.They were introduced to seven figures of speech: simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, idiom, onomatopoeia and alliteration.

The classes were divided into groups of seven  and each group then completed a ‘jigsaw puzzle' activity. Each group member was allocated a figure of speech. The groups then split up into ‘expert groups’ to learn about their particular figure of speech.  The members then rejoined their original groups and taught the other members the different figures of speech.

Once all the group members had a good knowledge of all the figures of speech, they were asked to come up with a play to be presented in class. The play had to include one or more examples of each figure of speech. The children put an enormous amount of effort into their plays, using various props and outfits, and displayed a good understanding of the concepts learnt.


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