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Meet our new Grade 5s

This year, our Grade 5 class had five new students joining the Dainfern College family. We decided to sit down and find out how their first month with us has been and what they think of the College so far. Thgis is what they had to say:

Isla Garcia: I love my friends. I love the school because everybody welcomes you.

Misunkosi Dlamini: It’s a lovely place. People here are very welcoming. I love it!

Chido Nyengerai: There are many things to do and many nice people. They are just here for you when you need them and are amazing people.

Tyra Batchi: My first month at Dainfern College was very exciting. I’ve made lots of new friends and love all the amazing teachers. I love this school! Indigo Wood: Dainfern is such an amazing school and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Everyone has been so welcoming. I’m looking forward to the rest of this year.

Angelia Zhang: The first month was great. It changed my whole life because I have a new friend and different teachers. It was difficult to learn the teachers’ names and to remember different places in the school.

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You are here: Home Senior Prep Senior Prep News Meet our new Grade 5s