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The SP Sports Awards winners

The final Sports Assembly of 2017 was held on 16 October 2017. This assembly recognised the efforts of pupils in Athletics, Equestrian, Golf, Hockey and Rugby.

The award recipients are as follows:


Our athletes got the season off to a fabulous start, winning our first meeting at Beaulieu. They followed this with another two wins over the course of the season, as well as a second place and a third place result. Many of our athletes achieved personal bests on a weekly basis, keeping Dainfern College name, held high. Thank you to all the athletes for the effort they put into the season.


Most improved: Athina McColgan

Coaches' Award: Christie Piguet, Cameron Wolpert


Most improved: Liam Duvenage

Coaches' Awards: Emily Kruger


Most improved: Siphelele Makhathini

Coaches' Awards: Hannah Wells


Most improved: Faraz Hamayun

Coaches' Awards: Chloe Moore


Most improved: Ryan Atkinson

Coaches' Awards: Daniella Burgess

Excellence in Athletics: Liam Duvenage, Amber Fairon, Emily Kruger, Ruby Tarantino, Siphelele Makhathini, Ryan Fowler, Hannah Jackson, Isabella McColgan, Kylie van der Westhuizen, Real Agu, Nicholas Ford, Jaime Piguet, Shemen Agu, Carris Davison, Chloe Moore, Michael Mulcahy, Alexia Muller, Luke Carter, Kelly Du Plessis, Rowan van Loenen, Ryan Atkinson, Daniella Burgess, Jeff du Toit, Thomas St Clair, Rainnie Zhang

Colours: Brandon Johnson-Williams

Athletes of the season: Brandon Johnson-Williams


The Dainfern College Equestrian Team has once again excelled at the Inter-schools competitions, making the school extremely proud. Every single rider has displayed outstanding sportsmanship, dedication and passion throughout the season. We are so proud of each and every one of them.

According to the girls, it’s not just the riders who need to be awarded the prizes but also their fabulous ponies! Unfortunately, the school does not recognise awards to horses, so we settle with awards for their humans instead.

Most improved Rider: Patrick Bannerman

Coach’s award: Ashlee Taylor

Certificate of Excellence: Ashlee Taylor, Kylie van der Westhuizen, Emily Kruger, Maxima van den Steen

Rider of the season: Emily Kruger


It has been an exciting golfing year, with a team that grows ever more dedicated and enthusiastic. The boys have inspired one another to practise and to hone their skills; they improve with each game. The golf tour was awesome – it united the team and created positive camaraderie, which has continued throughout the year. The energy of the boys and their love of the game is highly commendable.

Most improved Award: Jarryd Bogner

Coaches' Award: Ewan Liebenberg

Certificate of Excellence: Shaun McClatchie, Adam Pienaar, Matthew Leonard, James Kerr, Liam Britz, Luke Carter, Calvin Brooks, Robert Adendorff

Player of the Season: Matthew Leonard


Hockey is vibrant and happening at Dainfern College, with passionate and committed players showing tremendous talent throughout the numerous age groups.

We hosted the annual senior Night festival and hosted the inaugural Junior Night Festival. Both festivals were most successful and thoroughly enjoyed by players, coaches and parents. With the High School Team achieving promotion to the A-League in Gauteng and a continued investment in facilities and coaching, we expect to see even further growth over the next few years. Thank you to all the players for their commitment and to the parents for their continued support.

Junior Girls

Most Improved: A Team: Thandoluhle Gwebu, B Team: Nicola Harcus, C Team: Anele Mpofu

Coaches' Award: A Team: Hannah Wells, B Team: Emily Kruger, C Team: Emma Whitaker

Junior Boys

Most improved: Thejam JaiJai, Matthew Leonard

Coaches' Awards: Michael Atkinson, Michael Phillips

Senior Girls

Most improved: 1st Team: Isabella Fish, 2nd Team: Ipeleng Mokgehle

Coaches’ Award: 1st Team: Kate Weir, 2nd Team: Raphaela Chrisochos

Senior Boys

Most improved: 1st Team: Liam Venter, 2nd Team: Jason Meisel

Coaches’ Award: 1st Team: Robert van Der Steen, 2nd Team: Matthew Bull

Excellence in Hockey

Juniors: Hannah Wells, Josephine Keijzers, Erin Tomlinson, Jessica Harcus, Amber-Lily Fairon, Tristan Aitken, Paris Binos, Luke Barnard, Troy Connelan, Ethan Jacobs, Michael Phillips, Matthew Leonard, Khali Gwebu, Jenna Cassel, Rainnie Zang, Gaby Kimber, Danny Burgess, Alexia Muller, Amber Katz, Jaimie Piguet, Erin Ryan, Kate Weir, Benjamin Baumhardt, Robert van Der Steen, Joshua Horan , Luke Carter, Sean Jackson, Michael Mulcahy, Shaun McClatchie, Nicholas Pitt, Liam Venter, Calvin Brooks, Nicholas Ford, Shriyen Bramdhaw

Team of the Season: Boys’ First team: Calvin Brooks, Luke Carter, Nicholas Ford, Michael Mulcahy, Nicholas Pitt, Shriyen Bramdhaw, Santino da Silva, Ryan Atkinson, James Barnard, Benjamin Baumhardt, Sean Jackson, Shaun Mc Clatchie, Liam Venter, Tristan Weir, Robert van der Steen. Thank you to those players who have not been mentioned here who played in certain of the matches when required.

Colours: Kiera Tomlinson, James Barnard, Ryan Atkinson, Tristan Weir

Players of the season: Kiera Tomlinson, James Barnard  


This was Dainfern College’s third year of Prep School rugby. And while the season was short, it was richly enjoyed. We entered teams from U10 through to U13. The boys played 7a-side rugby with no scrums, no line-outs, no kicking and with rolling subs. Pupil participation in the sport is definitely on the rise, with growing numbers of boys choosing to play rugby each year. Congratulations to all the boys who practised and played so hard throughout the season. Hopefully they can use the skills they learnt this year to make a difference next year. Players, coaches and parents look forward to the 2018 season. Why Rugby stands out from most other sports? After being called for a penalty, Six-foot nine, 260 pound, 22 year old forward Lood de Jager said to the referee: “Sorry Sir”


Most improved: Matthew Bradley

Coaches' Awards: Louis Ayo


Most Improved: Michael Phillips, Greg Bradly

Coaches' Award: Scott Attwell, Ryan Pienaar


Most improved: A Team: Nicholas Pitt B Team: Santino Da Silva

Coaches' Award: A Team: Brett Loxton B Team: Ofhatutshedza Ndou


Most Improved: A: Ross White B Team: Thuso Ndlovu

Coaches' Awards: A Team: Mkhongelo Mhlanga B Team: Liam Ambrogioni

Excellence in Rugby: Reily Elliot, Adam Attwell, Nicholas Delport, Motheo Valente, Namisi Opai-Tetteh, Ronan King, Adam Pienaar, Robbert Adendorff, Nick Ford, Rowan Von Loenen, Brandon Johnson-Williams, Mkhongelo Mhlanga, Ryan Atkinson

Team of the Season: U11s: Adam Attwell, Scott Attwell, Paris Binos, Troy Connellan, Nicholas Delport, Ryan Fowler, Jordan Grobler, Ethan Jacobs, Thomas Kraus, Nkosinathi Ntuli, Ryan Pienaar, Matteo Valente, Trysten Aitkin, Luke Barnard, Greg Bradley, Jordan Grobler, Namisi Opai-Tetteh, Michael Phillips, James Thompson, Joshua Watson

Colours: Jeff du Toit, Conner Cook, Thomas St Clair, James Kerr

Player of the season: James Kerr

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