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Grade 2s celebrate their Heritage

Heritage Day is a South African public holiday celebrated on the 24 September. On this day, South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.

All children were given the opportunity to dress up in their Heritage outfits. Grade 2D got together and wrote poems to celebrate the wonderful country that they are so proud to live in.. 

Here’s what a few children had to say about their “South Africa”…

“My South Africa” Heritage Day poems by Grade 2D: 

My South Africa by Mia and Manaka: 

South Africa is a lovely place, it’s beautiful, pretty and warm. South Africans are always caring and sweet. We like to go to game parks, braai and swim and have fun in our amazing country. We have many different cultures, but we all respect each other and celebrate our differences. So come to South Africa, where we have fun and get stuff done.

My South Africa by Kondwani and Natalie

South Africa is a beautiful country. It is so sunny and hot that you can swim quite a lot. You can go to many destinations as there is lots to see. It is so nice to live in South Africa and just to be me!

My South Africa by Brayley and Panashe

South Africa is beautiful and sunny and we love to live here. We take good care of our country and animals. We are called the Rainbow nation as we have many different people. South Africans love to braai and like biltong and boerewors. I just love my country!

My South Africa by Mikayla and Blake

South Africa is nice but we don’t eat a lot of rice, but all our people are nice. South Africa is a place with peace and love. Our president is Zulu and his name is Zuma. South Africa is a good place and all our food is tasty and delicious. Our flag is colourful and pretty. South Africa is a very nice place to go on holiday. So come along and visit us here in Africa!

My South Africa by Maxx and Shrey

South Africa is fun under the sun and we get everything done. South Africa is funny and very sunny. In Summer the flowers start to bloom which are colourful and beautiful. We love to braai, swim and go on game drives. We just love our country, don’t you?

 My South Africa by Jessica and Ruby

South Africa is a pretty country with lots to see and do. The people are funny and it is mostly sunny. There’s a school called Dainfern College which is simply the best in the west. With our warm weather we can swim all day long. It is hot and we love it! 


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