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Winter Warmth for those in need

Each year, the Dainfern College Outreach Committee launches a collection drive for second-hand clothing and blankets, which are distributed to the schools identified as being in need. This whole-school outreach project gives parents and students the opportunity to do good for the local community.

Dainfern College Outreach programmes hope to make a real and measurable difference in the lives of the less fortunate, in the community in and around Dainfern. And we are very proud to report that parents and pupils generously donated clothes, blankets (and the pupils even donated the money earned in the school cake sales) to the cause. 

The Grade 3s shared their thoughts on the Winter Warmth campaign:

"Warm clothes keep poor people from getting sick" - Katelyn Michelak

"I have lots of clothes that don’t fit me so I’m going to give them away because I want people to be happy!" -  Nolwazi Mahlalela

"My mum was cleaning my granny’s house and then she found some old clothes and blankets to keep people warm." - Max Turner-Wach

"We don’t need our old shoes because we need to give them to the poor people." - Sikelela Godlwana

"Some people don’t have money to buy clothes so I will give my clothes away." - Kgolagano Zebediela

"I gave my shoes away because I could not pass them on to my smaller twin so we decided to give them to the poor. It was a good decision." - Alexa Steedman

"We collect blankets for poor people who do not have something to keep them warm." -  Jessica Frame

"We can help people in need, like the poor, since we don’t need the clothes any more." - Relobogile Ngwepe

"We try to help them by giving clothes, blankets and toys." - Rebecca Goosen

"I asked my mom if I could give away all the winter clothes that didn’t fit me and she said yes!" - Ethan Reddy

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You are here: Home Junior Prep Junior Prep News Winter Warmth for those in need