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Exploring our world in Grade 2

The Dainfern College Grade 2s are loving their new theme: ‘Celebrating our wonderful wide and wacky world'. We discussed various countries and why we would like to live in those countries.

The pupils had to finish the sentence 'I would like to live in...' - this is what they had to say:

New Zealand because my cousin lives there and I like their wild life and sea creatures. You can surf and you can dive. It can snow there too. There is so much to do.  Jesalyn Johnson

England because their food there is always hot. Sometimes it snows and I like to play in the snow. That is where my dad was born so I am half English. Roxianne Thurley

France because I would like to taste their food. I would like to try their clothes because they are different and they are the fashion country. I would like to see what their houses look like because they are different to our houses. Alexia Marx

Germany because it snows and because Santa comes at Christmas but the problem is he speaks a different language. He speaks German and I would not understand him. My mom is half German. Declan Venter

ustralia because my cousins live there. My favourite food from there is chicken wings. My favourite animal is the kangaroo but there are different animals there too like koala bear. Christopher Buys

Greece because it looks very beautiful and their food is delicious. I would like to live there one day, on top of a mountain. I would have a great view from there. The water is always very clear and warm so I would like to swim there. Oliver Brundsen

Ireland because it is cold and I love the cold. There are very cute animals like foxes. Their food is amazing. I go with my granny and grandpa and I have such fun with them. I go to the toyshop. My grandpa loves to collect acorns with me. Neave Norris

New York because I could see the skyscrapers and it looks so pretty. I could see the Statue of Liberty. They have nice people and a mayor. Alexander Innes

Australia because I can go and fish and touch a kangaroo. Andrew van Heerden

Germany because they make delicious food and it is a nice place to be. I want to go and see the skyscrapers in Germany and have a German drink. They also have some wonderful places to see. Annabel Queisser

America because I would like to see Brooklyn. I want to go to New York and see the Statue of Liberty. I think living in America will be fun. Gomolemo Mfikwe

Sweden because there is snow and when it is school time I can throw snowballs and make snowmen. You need a hat and some sticks from the trees and some carrots. I will be the best in English because I am learning it here. Charlie Crommert


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