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THRASS, the Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills, is fully compatible with the Dainfern College curriculum and can easily be integrated into a whole range of subjects across the curriculum so that children learn much more quickly. THRASS is systematic, with a clearly defined and structured progression for learning all the major graphemes and their phonemes.

THRASS is a multi-sensory programme based on developing visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills in our pupils. THRASS makes clear the importance of speaking and listening as the foundation of this systematic phonics programme and for acquiring the skills of reading and writing. Using the THRASS approach requires that the lower case and capital letters be identified by name. By naming letters, THRASS is able to introduce capital letters from the earliest stages of learning.

THRASS offers clear guidance on how to assess progress and use this to inform the next steps of learning. Dainfern College has adopted the THRASS programme as it has the key features of a high-quality phonics programme and allows for consistency throughout all the Grades.

You can read more on the offical THRASS website.


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