Dainfern College Preparatory School IT Department Acceptable Use Policy

“All IT equipment and services provided are designed and installed for educational purposes only”

10 IT Golden Rules

1. All data and personal files are the property of Dainfern College and will be monitored.

2. All students are expected to use the computers in a safe and responsible way, and to treat all IT equipment with respect.

3. No food or drink is allowed in the IT labs.

4. No student may use computers without a staff member being present.

5. Students may only store school-related material on computers. Copying of music, videos, applications and games is prohibited.

6. Students may not use IT equipment to communicate with each other during class time via email, chat messaging and social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Google Chat unless stipulated differently by the teacher.

7. Students may not play games on computers or over the Internet, unl;ess stipulated differently by the teacher.

8. No student may use another student’s account. There may be no sharing of passwords. A password needs to be changed if there is any breach.

9. Students may not modify computer files, folders or settings without authorisation from an IT staff member.

10. Students may only use the printers for school-related tasks with permission from the relevant staff member.

The school's Code of Conduct will be enforced should any of the above be breached.

I have read and understood the Dainfern College IT Department AUP (Rules) and agree to fully obey it.

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