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Welcome to Grade 0

P-Blackhurst-2016Welcome to the Grade 0 year at Dainfern College

Welcome to this stimulating Grade 0 environment where each child is encouraged to develop as the individual he or she is.

This vital Grade 0 year is a year of fun, excitement and learning within a happy, secure, caring and structured environment. Each little person, and big person too, is an integral component of our school and together we make our school a place where people feel welcome and valued.

Our staff have been carefully chosen for their qualifications, enthusiasm, creativity and empathy. Each class has a well-qualified teacher, with Early Childhood Development being one of their specialist subjects. There is also an assistant in each class.

Within this happy atmosphere the pupils are encouraged to participate fully in all activities. Young children learn through experience and therefore play, exploration and experimentation form a fundamental part of their day.

Each day follows a structured pattern of work, play, interaction, music, pre-numeracy and literacy skills and creativity.

The Grade 0 curriculum incorporates:

Perceptual Development: This encourages development through experience. The children gain knowledge and understanding of their world through what they experience.

English and Language Development: Grade 0 has a balanced, flexible daily language programme, with learning opportunities throughout the day.  Language is about communicating and requires our children to think, express, reason and remember. These skills form part of all Grade 0 activities. Our pupils are exposed to pre-reading and early writing skills, and symbol sound association is developed through the THRASS programme.

Mathematical Development: Our aim is to develop a spirit of curiosity and a love of Mathematics. The teaching/learning of Mathematics in Grade 0 is both incidental and teacher-guided. Learning opportunities arise spontaneously during child-centred activities such as free play in the fantasy corner or block construction, sand and water play activities, as well as teacher-guided activities that focus on mathematical concepts such as counting, estimation, number concept development, space and shape, patterns, time and other emergent mathematics activities. Emphasis is placed on the development of problem-solving skills.

Life Skills is aimed at guiding and preparing our pupils for life and its possibilities. Through Life Skills the pupils are exposed to a range of knowledge, skills and values.

Life Skills incorporates:

Creative Arts: with the main purpose being to develop our children as creative and imaginative individuals.

Physical Development, both fine and gross muscle activities: Physical and motor development is integral to the holistic development of our children.

Music: This is taught by a music specialist and includes opportunities for fun, appreciation, memorisation, creativity, self-expression and communication as well as perceptual and physical development.

Reach for your dreams.

Patti Blackhurst
Dainfern College Junior Preparatory


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