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Dainfern College BluPrints


Our BluPrint entrenches our unique identity and culture and provides the outline from which we work out our strategic plan.

The Aim of BluPrints

  • To introduce you to the Dainfern College Formula for Success;
  • To show you the artwork/icons that provoke us to live daily these critical factors, behaviours, practices or principles; and
  • To build a sense of partnership, belonging and pride in who we are.

There are ten top-line enablers: these are aspects of the school that we celebrate:

Attract and retain the best teachers and staff-140Attract & Retain the Best Teachers & Staff





Strong leadership-140

Strong Leadership





Core values  Christian ethos-800-140Core values within a Christian Ethos





Academic Excellence-140Academic Excellence





Develop Critical thinkers-140Developing Critical Thinkers





Sporting Excellence-140Sporting Excellence





Excellence in Cultural Art-140Excellence in Cultural Arts





Safe and nurturing environment-140Safe & Nurturing Environment










All round education  was Holistic approach and balance-140All-round Education






We have also identified ten bottom-line disablers: aspects of our school that we work hard to eradicate:






Ill discipline-140Ill-Discipline










Lack of Parental Partnerships-140Lack of Parental Partnerships





Ineffectual Communication-140Ineffectual Communication





Lack of Parental Partnerships-140Lack of Social Responsibility





No Tradition  Pride-140No Tradition & Pride





Under-resourced Campus-140Under-resourced Campus





Unrealistic Work Load-140Unrealistic Workload





Out of touch with technology-140Out of Touch with Technology





 Each year parents, teachers and students (Grades 6 – 12) are asked to rate our ten top-line enablers and our ten bottom-line disablers. This invaluable feedback enables us to assess the performance of our College and identify areas that may need attention.


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