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Colours System at Dainfern College

At Dainfern College we celebrate the achievements of our learners through the awarding of Colours. Colours are not merely a reward for an activity well performed, but are given in recognition of overall excellence of achievement on a continuous basis and of commitment to that particular code.

An overriding consideration for all awards is that learners will have at all times displayed exemplary behaviour and have been a credit to the College. Learners who are awarded Half Colours, Full Colours or Honours in any discipline are expected to participate in the activity up to and including their Grade 12 year.

We recognise excellence in five areas: Academics, Culture, Leadership (Grade 12s on the Leadership Programme), Service and Sport. Learners who achieve Full Colours across three or more of these areas are awarded the Red Blazer, the highest honour that the College can bestow.

Excellence is recognised through the following awards:

CITATION (Certificate): Grades 8-12 are eligible. Recognition of special achievements.

TEAM / CULTURAL AWARDS (Blue scroll): Grades 8-12 are eligible. Recognition of junior achievements (Grades 8 and 9) at an exceptionally high and continuous standard, Recognition of senior achievements for 1st team level selection and performance criteria.

PRESTIGE AWARD* (Red scroll): Grades 11-12 are eligible. Recognition of commitment and service to Dainfern College and representing the College within a code over four years/seasons.

FULL COLOURS* (Yellow scroll and Two-colour braiding): Grades 10-12 are eligible. Recognition of achievements above regional standard. Leadership, Cultural and Service achievements of the same level.

HONOURS* (Three-colour braiding and pocket laurels): Grades 11-12 are eligible. Full Colours re-award/Previously awarded Full Colours + Provincial Standard.

* In order to be awarded Half Colours or above in any code or activity, including extracurricular activities, a two-year commitment to the Dainfern College extramural programme is required. Exceptions may be considered by the Colours Committee.

The Colours Policy can be found here.

Please contact Koos du Toit for further information.

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