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College Organisation & Structure

Dainfern College

Dainfern College is divided into two broad educational sectors:

  • The Preparatory School: Grade 0 to Grade 7.
  • The High School: Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Dainfern College is run by the College Executive Committee (CEC), which is responsible for the overall management and leadership of Dainfern College.The CEC comprises the Principals of each phase of the school: Mr Matthew Davies, College Principal and Head of the High School;  Mr Ray van Gass, Principal of the Senior Preparatory School; and Mrs Patti Blackhurst, Principal of the Junior Preparatory, as well as the Business Director, Mr Grant Wolpert. The CEC is chaired by the College Principal, Mr Matthew Davies.

The Preparatory School

The Preparatory School is divided into two phases of education:

  • The Junior Preparatory (JP): Grade 0 to Grade 3.
  • The Senior Preparatory (SP): Grade 4 to Grade 7.

The Principal of the Junior Preparatory isMrs Patti Blackhurst. In the Senior Preparatory the Principal is Mr Ray van Gass. The Deputy Principal: Academics is Mrs Louise Browne, the Deputy Principal: Sport & Extramurals is Ms Tessa Shellardand the Deputy Principal: Student Affairs is Ms Margie Pettit. Our School Counsellor and Head of Leadership is Ms Eva Odendaal.

The High School

The High School is divided into two phases of education:

  • The Senior Phase: Grade 8 and Grade 9.
  • The FET Phase: Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12.

The High  School is headed up by the College Principal, Mr Matthew Davies. He is supported by the High School MANCO comprising: the Deputy Principal: Academics Ms Karen Cosh; the Deputy Principal: Staff & Administration Mr Regan Nicholas; the Deputy Principal: Pastoral Care, Leadership & Outreach Mrs Cheryl Coetzee and the Deputy Principal: Extramurals & Discipline Mr Koos du Toit.


Dainfern College

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Dainfern College, 96 Broadacres Drive, Dainfern

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