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Welcome to Kraken House!

The House Directors, Heads of House, staff and students of Kraken welcome you to the Kraken page.

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House Director: Kraken - Grades 10-12

Janine-Smith-cropped-140Mrs Janine Smith





House Director: Kraken - Grades 8 & 9

Rodger DouglasMr Doug Rodger






Heads of House


2017 - Gina Ballard-14011Y - Macpherson Duncan-14011X - Vogt Taylor-140Our Heads of House for 2018 are Gina Ballard and Duncan Macpherson, while the Deputy Head of House is Taylor Vogt.





House Tutors

Each House has 11 Tutor Groups with about 12 to 15 students in each group. Each group comprises two to three students from each grade from Grade 8 to Grade 12. The students remain in the same tutor group for their school career. Grade 11 mentors and Grade 8 mentees are placed in the same tutor group and there is also an SRC representative in each tutor group. Tutor groups meet at least once a week.

These are the Kraken Tutors for 2018:



Dainfern College

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