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Student Exchange Programme at Dainfern College

Over the years Dainfern College has sent out many of our students on exchange and hosted incoming students from across the world.


To expose Dainfern College learners to international countries, schools and students in order to become life-long learners by living out our Motto of “A World of Education, An Education for the World”. This is done by striving to:

  • Create opportunities for Dainfern College students to travel and be hosted by international schools;
  • Host international students from different countries and cultures;
  • Develop long-standing exchange relationships with targeted schools in a variety of countries; and
  • Enable Dainfern College learners to participate in RSIS (Round Square International Service) Projects and Round Square Conferences.

Exchanges at Dainfern College


Our exchanges started early in January, with the arrival Felipe Castro and Alonso Abadi from Markham College, Peru for five weeks, in January/ February. In addition, we welcomed Mariana Niveyro and Lourdes Calvo from Norbridge School in Argentina; they were both with us for four weeks respectively. The following exchanges also took place:

  • Ayssa van Hoek joined us from Brookhouse School, Kenya for five week,s and accompanied our Grade 10s on their Enuyka Adventure Camp.
  • Brenna Laherty from Scotch Oakburn, Tazmania, thoroughly enjoyed her time with us, spending two months in South Africa. Brenna even joined our Junoir Girls Hockey team. 
  • Tamara Unsworth from the United World College of South East Asia, Singapore had a short three-week visit in May.
  • Charlotte Beaumont joined us from Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia and contributed to our Inter House Dance competition and First team netball squad. 
  • Madeleine Gutierrez from Cate School, USA loved spending a month with us in June.
  • Pumelele Vabaza spent nine weeks at the Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia; she extended her stay.  
  • Skye van Niekerk went on exchange to Cate School in the USA, and made the most of every opportunity.
  • Jodi Dovale and Babalwa Vabaza both attended Hackley School, New York, USA for six weeks.
  • Meg Blyth flew to the UK and spent her eight-week exchange at Felsted School.
  • Caryn Love was fortunate enough to spend her seven-week exchange at two different Round Square Schools: Scotch Oakburn, Tazmania and United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. 
  • Alex Forbes spent seven weeks at Markham College in Peru and joined in on one of their main service projects. 
  • Tamica Govender attended Norbridge School, Argentina for a month over the August holidays. 
  • Courtney Lappeman had the most wonderful time at Woodleigh School in Australia, for her exchange. 
  • Courtney Baker was also fortunate to visit two different schools in Argentina on her exchange to South America; Belgrano Day School and Norbridge School.


  • We welcomed Adriana Zubiate from Markham College in Lima, Peru, who was with us for three weeks
  • Holly Arkell joined us from Appleby College, Ontario, Canada for three weeks
  • Tamika Partridge had a wonderful experience at Dainfern College, spending two months here. She attends Scotch Oakburn School in Tasmania.
  • Shirean Redman went to MLC School in Sydney, Australia for five weeks
  • Tiyana John went to the Scotch Oakburn School in Tasmania
  • Anna Moreira spent six weeks at Felstead School in the UK
  • Erin van den Heever attended Appleby College in Ontario, Canada for five weeks.
  • Kiara Baker went to Anglo-Colombiano in Bogotá, Colombia for six weeks.
  • Ilinca Stefan was fortunate enough to attend two different Round Square schools: Bermuda Girls' High School on the island of Bermuda in the Carribean and then Hackley School in New York, USA.


  • Alex Gluckman from Hackley School in New York came to Dainfern College.
  • Deon van der Merwe went to Markham College in Lima, Peru.
  • Anda Nyathi attended Hackley College in New York, USA.


  • Laura Garcia came to Dainfern College on exchange from Colegio Anglo Colombiano in Columbia
  • Jianing Zhao came on exchange from The King's Academy in Jordan.
  • We welcomed Ovie Ojeni for a brief visit from Hotchkiss in Lakeville, USA.
  • Rebecca Harrison from Bermuda Girls' High spent two weeks at Dainfern College.
  • Hadley Dickinson attended the King's Academy in Jordan
  • Sabrina Kerr went to Scotch Oakburn Colleg in Tasmania
  • Melanie Lesch went to the Regent's School in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Kate Forbes went to Hotchkiss School in lakeville, USA
  • Cameron Redman attended Appleby College in Ontario, Canada.
  • Sarah van Breda went to Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, USA
  • Mia Bam went to Bermuda Girls' High School on the island of Bermuda in the Carribean


  • We welcomed Laura Valencia from Columbia who stayed with us for nearly three month. She travelled quite extensively with her host family and definitely enjoyed her South African experience.
  • Tarini Nath arrived from Vivek High School in India and spent a few weeks with us.
  • David Cho spent a full term at Cate School in California. Click here to read a Cate interview with David
  • Caroline Smart visited Bunbury Cathedral School in Australia, and completed the very challenging Outward Bound course during her stay there. Read about her experience here
  • Rachael Lee went on exchange to Felsted School in England for a true English boarding school experience
  • Bevan Willoughby went to Hotchkiss in Connecticut, USA, and loved every minute of it. Click here to read more about his experience



  • We hosted Marcello Sottano from Cordoba in Argentina; and Sydney Otieno and Natasha van Hoek from Brookehouse School in Kenya - all three students joined the Grade 10s on the incredible Enyuka Challenge in the Mweni Valley and took home fond memories of conquering the Drakensberg!
  • Paloma Girault visited from Ermitage International School of France
  • Chloe Connellan went to the Ermitage International School in Paris on a reciprocal exchange during November and December 2011
  • Kortney Acton, a Canadian Rotary exchange student, spent an entire year at Dainfern College, starting in September 2011
  • Siobhan Hitchcock went to to The King’s Academy in Jordan in November


2008 & 2009

  • Rory Boone went to Texas in the USA
  • Tarryn Els went to Germany
  • Kamogelo Mafokwane went to Argentina

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