House Outreach Afternoon

Dainfern College held its annual House Outreach Day in June 2018.

Phoenix hosted the children on the Bottom Field and kept the children busy with soccer, tennis, netball, finger-painting and an obtstacle course.

Kraken made use of the Junior Preparatory playground and helped the children navigate the jungle gym, race scooters, ice biscuits and play soccer.

Griffin divided and conquered, splitting into two groups: the group at Dakalo Aftercare played chess, hopscotch and soccer with children of different age groups; the group at Akani School played touch rugby, one-bounce and soccer with the boys, and played netball and practiced nursery rhymes with the girls.  The Griffin House students also picked up litter around the Akani School campus.

Before the children left they received refreshments, well-deserved after two hours of exercise and the students said their final goodbyes.

Dainfern College would like to thank the House Directors, House Captains and House Moms for their roles in organising a wonderful outreach afternoon that was enjoyed by students and children alike.


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