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A Children’s Guide to Dainfern College

The transition from Grade 0 to Grade 1 is a big one! For many little pupils, it truly is a step into Big School, and it comes with a large bag of mixed emotions, ranging from nervousness, to pure excitement. And we know their parents share that emotional rollercoaster ride, too!

The question is: What is Grade 1 all about? What does the Grade 1 pupil DO in an average day?

We know there’s no better way to tell our Grade 0 mums and dads than to show them, through the eyes of our Grade 1s.

Over the course of the year, the Grade 1s have researched their school, and put lots of thought into what they do, why they do it, and why they like to do it. They've made mind maps, plotted their actions on graphs, discussed their thoughts and opinions, and interviewed one another.

The result? They've created beautiful brochures that explain what pupils do in Grade 1. And they've produced amazing videos, showing what they got up to. These truly are ‘A Children’s Guide to Dainfern College’.

They explain how they further their reading and writing skills, and get stuck into maths. They explain how their Integrated day works, exposing them to a wide range of sports (and LOADS of fun). They tell us why they love music lessons, Zulu and Afrikaans classes, and of course, their very special teachers.

The Grade 1s presented their videos to the Grade 0 parents last week, showing off thei21st Century Skills and their creativity - not to mention their musicality and performance flair!

Watch the class videos, here - and enjoy!

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