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The world of Science in Grade 3

The Grade 3 pupils had great fun researching all sorts of science experiments, which they then presented to their classes. Their investigations needed to follow the scientific process of aim, hypothesis, method and conclusion. The pupils not only enjoyed conducting their own experiments but also watching each other’s. The children explored how light moves through rainbow paper, and also learned about pressure dynamics (in an experiment that used an egg and a bottle). Even the teachers learnt a thing or two!

These types of learning activities create a space for the pupils to take responsibility for their learning. The pupils become active participants, researching, planning and creating or replicating experiments. The projects also provides an opportunity for peer learning to take place - the pupils learnt with and from each other.

Here's what the pupils had to say about the experiements:

“I really enjoyed wowing my classmates with my experiment” - Jagger Borkum

“I enjoyed that I got to make a volcano and my family helped me” - Ndalo Moyo

“I loved it when my experiment fizzed up” - Drishthi Valabjee

“I enjoyed mixing the vinegar and bicarbonate soda; I made a big mess in my house when I was testing it” - Gabriel Lourenco



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You are here: Home Junior Prep Junior Prep News The world of Science in Grade 3