About sport in the Junior Prep

At Dainfern College Preparatory School we actively encourage all our pupils to participate fully in our extramural programme, and to choose activities from our wide selection on offer. We enter teams into all sporting leagues and are involved in traditional sports such as athletics, cricket, cross country, golf, netball, soccer, softball, swimming and tennis.

In the Foundation Phase the emphasis is on participation and we encourage our pupils to engage in as many activities as possible. The aim is to develop the necessary skills and competencies required for the more formal sporting and cultural activities in the Senior Preparatory. Grade 0, 1 and 2 all sporting and cultural activities are included in the timetable as part of their integrated day. From under-9 (Grade 3) our pupils particpate in extramurals after school and compete competitively against other schools.

We also participate in InterHouse activities across the entire Preparatory School (from Grade 1) with the emphasis being on teamwork and maximum participation.

Staff members and a number of outside coaches are utilised in the extramural programme to help realise our goals and objectives in developing the mind, body and spirit of our students.

The Sports & Extramurals portfolio is the responsibility of Ms Tessa Shellard, Deputy Principal of the Prep School.

Dainfern College

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