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Prep School Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at the Senior preparatory is overseen by the Deputy Principal: Student Affairs: Ms Margie Pettit. It essentially comprises four aspects that encompass the care and nurturing of the pupils at Dainfern College. We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of the pupils’ school lives are catered for and addressed, especially the areas of concern that are inevitable in any school environment. A brief synopsis of each of these disciplines follows:


Mrs Eva Odendaal is responsible for organising and implementing the student councillor programme which involves the Grade 7 pupils. They are given duties and responsibilities to carry out over the course of the year where they are monitored and mentored so as to give them a grounding and understanding of what it means to lead and serve: a vital aspect of Leadership in its truest form. Each class also has a Learner Representative Councillor (LRC) who assists with general duties pertaining to classroom organisation and assistance. Preparing our pupils to use their initiative so that they can become responsible and caring citizens is part of the objective we hope to achieve in this area of Student Affairs.


At Dainfern College we adopt a positive reinforcement policy regarding discipline. This is twofold in that we recognise both the positive aspects of a child’s behaviour as well as apply the necessary consequences should a pupil display the undesired behaviours that are contrary to our code of conduct. Ms Margie Pettit is in charge of Discipline at Dainfern College and carries out her duties and responsibilities in a fair and just manner. Click here to download a letter explaining our disciplinary procedures.


For obvious reasons counselling has become a very important part of the Student Affairs portfolio. From time to time pupils experience difficulties in their personal lives and, therefore, need the opportunity to receive advice and counselling depending on the nature of the problem. Responsible for the Life Skills programme and counselling of pupils is Mrs Eva Odendaal.

Learner Support

A team of teachers comprising academic support therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, the school counsellor, the Head of Academics and the Head of Student Affairs meet on a weekly basis to discuss pupils who are at risk and to recommend interventions to assist these pupils as best we can. Mrs Patti Blackhurst heads up the Junior Preparatory team while Ms Margie Pettit is responsible for the Senior Preparatory section of the school.

The Student Affairs team meets on a regular basis to discuss any issues and concerns regarding all these areas and disciplines. This team also meets with the Principal on a weekly basis to report back and keep management informed of the progress made in this important portfolio.

Margie Pettit
Deputy Principal: Student Affairs


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