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High School First Aid

Dainfern College offers First Aid training through Emergency Care Global. Learners have the opportunity to complete both a Level 1 course and a Level 2/3 course. These are accredited courses, and the certificates are registered with the Department of Labour.

Once learners have completed their Level 1 course, they have the option of implementing their skills as members of the First Aid team and of working towards either Service Awards or Colours. Many learners, however, do the courses for their own benefit. These certificates are a superb addition to a learner's CV. For those interested in a medical career, these courses are also an ideal opportunity to complete medical hours which are recognised by universities. Many Engineering and other courses such as Hotel School also now require a First Aid certificate.

Since 2007, at least one certificate in Emergency training (First Aid, Lifesaving or Fire Fighting) has been a requirement in order to apply for any leadership roles. An opportunity for this is given to all Grade 10 learners who complete a basic first aid and CPR course as part of Life Orientation. These learners are then given the opportunity to upgrade this course to a Level 1 certificate.

As a school we are registered with St John's Ambulance and we participate in their further training and competitions. Specialised courses are also made available.

For further information please contact Sister Zandi, our College nurse and the Head of First Aid.

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