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High School Outreach

Dainfern College has three cornerstones on which it bases its ethos: Community, Character and Competence. We feel that it is vitally important that learners understand the importance of community and outreach at Dainfern College. Outreach is an essential part of the development of a child. It enhances self-esteem and enables a child to explore the wider world in a safe and healthy way. This encompasses the school motto: "A world of education... an education for the world". We strongly believe that each learner should have the opportunity to develop his or her character, personality and personal potential while serving the community at the same time. Outreach also makes up an important part of the Life Orientation Learning Area and all learners are expected to get involved.

Mrs Cheryl Coetzee coordinates the Outreach activities in the High School. If you have any concerns or queries please email her. Each learner at Dainfern College is expected to do a minimum of 10 hours of Outreach a year. This can be done through the Outreach programme that runs weekly at the High School or through any other non-profit organisations that serve vulnerable communities or animals in distress. If Outreach is done outside of school, a letter confirming the number of hours as well as the activity completed needs to be submitted from the organisation on an official letterhead.

No leadership position can be held at Dainfern College if the minimum number of Outreach hours has not been completed. For example, in Grade 9, to be eligible for the U15 Hockey or Netball captaincy a student needs to have completed at least 10 hours of Outreach in Grade 8. In Grade 11 a learner will only be eligible to be part of the Leadership team if the minimum of 40 hours of Outreach has been completed. Learners who have signed up to do Outreach as an extramural are expected to attend the school Outreach projects weekly and to complete at least five Saturdays per term.

Outreach takes place on the following days:

Tuesday 14h45 – 16h45: Learners go out to Akani, on the outskirts of Diepsloot and assist 650 children with homework or other activities. Learners need to sign up on the lists on the Outreach notice board as transport is sometimes limited.

Thursday 14h30 – 16h00: Outreach takes place in Ms Dube's classroom. If an outing will be taking place the learners will be notified in advance.


1st Saturday of the month 08h30 – 11h00: Learners go out to Akani and assist with Arts and Crafts or sport. Learners need to sign up in advance in order that transport can be arranged.

Other Saturday activities will be arranged from time to time and students will be notified in assemblies and daily notices.

Other large projects are also carried out throughout the year. Since 2004 Dainfern College has run a feeding scheme for vulnerable children in Diepsloot. On average 150 vulnerable students at Itirele-Zenzele High School, 150 vulnerable students at Reshomile and 20 students at the LEAP School are given a food hamper once a month. This is only made possible by the school community who sign up to be donors for this programme. To make this feeding scheme sustainable we need more sponsorship. If you are interested in finding outing more about this feeding scheme or would like to make a monthly contribution to this scheme please email Mrs Coetzee for more details or click here to download the Contribution Form.

The High School also supports two crèches in Cosmo City and the children are invited to the College for fun afternoons held twice a term.

If you have any questions or queries about Outreach at Dainfern College please email Mrs Coetzee for more information.

Thank you for your continued support.

Cheryl Coetzee 
Deputy Principal: Pastoral Care & Outreach

Dainfern College

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