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Our 'Wanderlust' Matric Dance!

On Saturday, the Dainfern College Class of 2018 gave their uniforms a break and styled it up for one of the highlights of their school career: the Matric Dance. 

This year, the theme was 'Wanderlust' (the desire to travel) and each table highlighted a famous international city in exquisite detail. The venue looked incredible and our students certainly looked the part for what was an all round perfect evening to celebrate their school casreer to date.

One of our Grade 12s, Sian Willoughby, had the following to say about the dance: “Matric Dance 2018 was an incredible experience. The Class of 2018 looked gorgeous and smart in their suits and dresses as they arrived at the occasion. The event was held at Langhams Lifestyle Estate which was a beautiful area and the theme of the dance was “Wonderlust”. The matrics all received “boarding passes” as they entered the dance that had a specific destination and this was the seating arrangement for the night. The night was full of laughter and there were many unforgettable memories made.” 

Congratulations and thanks to Mrs Inge Marais for coordinating this year's dance and keeping the beautiful theme a secret!

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You are here: Home High School High School News Our 'Wanderlust' Matric Dance!