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Grade 11 mural painting project

The Grade 11 Visual Arts students are currently working on their mural painting task for the term. Visual Arts teacher, Mrs Miseer, felt that the students' fear of making "mistakes" in their painting was made worse by their use of small paint brushes and limited area of canvas. She therefore introduced an innovative task to make themn think on a bigger scale and to use diferent painting methods. 
Students were tasked with painting with large paint brushes on large pieces of brown cardboard. The students were given a choice between three topics/themes: Landscape, Portrait or Still Life, each of which they had to paint from memory. Each student was given a separate colour that they had to use throughout the lesson. Students painted in three-minute intervals, starting on their own space of the card and then moving to each other's painting surfaces, adding to and making their own mark on each other's paintings, while countdown music played. 
Student Vuyeleni Mukansi commented on the experience:
"In the beginning I wasn’t very excited about the task mostly because I’m not a big fan of working under pressure, and using a really big brush was also quite intimidating. I learnt not to be afraid of trying something new and to “just paint”. I learnt that there are so many different ways of using a paint brush and that I shouldn’t be so afraid of using a large paint brush especially when it comes to filling up such a large space. It did help with expressive mark-making in paint because we were encouraged to use different techniques on different paintings and it showed us the different uses of the paintbrush. The big paintbrush aided the process because it helped us paint faster and use most of the space that was given to us and  we learnt to use bolder brush strokes and techniques.

"At the end of the task I realised that it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. I learnt that using a big paint brush is quite useful and that I shouldn’t be so afraid of using it. I came up with a few new painting techniques that I could use in future artworks."

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