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Grade 9 texture project

Over the first four weeks of the term, the High School Drama Teacher, Miss Hansen and Visual Arts Teacher Mrs Miseer have been teaching their Grade 9 Creative Arts lessons together. Miss Hansen and Mrs Miseer set up jars with a variety of textures in them, such as bark, beads etc. Each grouping of the jars were related, such as clothing beads in one, glass beads in another and so on and each station was numbered. 
There were four jars per table of which students could not see the contents of them. The students were asked to write down words and translate what they were feeling onto a piece of paper, given to them. The paper was divided up into fours (the page folded into quarters) one for each jar.
Music (mediation/non verbal music) was played to the students while they were asked not to speak to each other. The students were given four sessions for each table -  5mins per jar.  The use of non-verbal music is meant to calm the students mind, through quiet focus, within the hectic nature of their, having to attend their various subjects. 
The students were asked to reflect on their thoughts and feelings at the beginning and end of each session. The pages produced after each session have been gathered and stapled together. The students are currently at the point of receiving their stapled work and reflecting on their progression through this process.
Most are shocked at what they have produced,  some not, but the intention was that the students were meant to be uncomfortable, going against the conventional means of art making such as copying pictures and fulfilling the normal obligations set out in Art Tasks. This was done in the hopes of stimulating creative thinking, grit etc.. the focus of these lessons were purely on mark-making and reflection in hopes of promoting critical thinking in the classroom.  

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