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Grade 8 Camp 2018

Bonding, bonfires and new beginnings as the Grade 8s embarked on the first of many high school adventures alongside the leaders of 2018. Nervous smiles quickly became ear-to-ear grins. The Grade 8s grouped up with their friends and shared cabins with the Matrics at the Achterberg Conference Centre. The camp began with the Grade 8s getting to know their new leaders and peers through activities organised by the Matrics. Highlights of the camp included a game of ‘Stalk the Matric’ where Grade 12 students put on their best camouflage and hid in the bushes, behind dam walls and up trees, to be discovered by orienteering Grade 8s; an early morning hike lead by Mr Jackson-Moss and ice-lollies next to the swimming pool.


The Grade 8s were challenged not only by the leaders who encouraged them to engage in activities outside of their comfort zones, but by Mr Davies who joined the grade 8s on day two, to motivate them to make the most out of the opportunities they will have at Dainfern College.

The Grade 8 camp also aims to build house spirit and competition, not only among the students, but also among the House Directors who oversaw the camp - Mr Jackson-Moss and Mrs Wolpert (Phoenix), Mrs McCarter and Ms Smith (Kraken) as well as Mrs Karamichael and Mr Morris (Griffin). Much of the weekend was spent choreographing dances, composing war cries and embellishing banners which will be used throughout the year.

As the sun set behind the ravine, the excitement and spirit grew. The Grade 8s pulled out all the stops in presenting their works of spirit to their peers and still had plenty of energy left for toasting marshmallows next to the bonfire and dancing to old hits. As the night progressed, new friends made their way back to their cabins where they would spend much of the night sharing stories and memories as well as talking about their plans for the future.

On the final morning the (very tired) leaders presented prizes to some of the Grade 8s whose spirit and enthusiasm had made a significant contribution to the camp. The Grade 8s used what was left of their energy to belt out their favourite new war cries, before loading the bus and heading home.

As the camp progressed and the confidence of our new students grew, so did the excitement of the leaders. We are so excited to be sharing our final year of high school with such a diverse, exciting and enthusiastic group of Grade 8s and we hope we have inspired them to embrace every opportunity that comes their way over the next five years.

Written by Erin van den Heever

 Student Head of Academics

Dainfern College

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