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High School Hockey Carnival

Message from Dainfern College Director of Hockey: Mr Matthew Reuben

This Festival is an opportunity for young players not only to showcase their skills and talent but also to make some friends on and off the field. To all the participants, officials and spectators alike, thank you for your support of our Festival.

My grateful thanks go to all the many helpers, volunteers and sponsors whose contribution has ensured the success of this event.

Matthew Reuben

Director of Hockey


Message from Dainfern College Deputy Principal: Sport & ExtraMurals: Mr Koos du Toit

Participation, passion, tenacity, discipline, commitment, determination, enthusiasm, courage, spirit . . . Some of the few attributes of sport which will emerge here today.

Events such as this have a magic about them, they are electric, powerful and afford us the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate in our future hockey champions and legends of tomorrow.

Go out there today, play your hearts out and have fun!

This is what true sporting moments are made of.

Koos du Toit

Deputy Principal: Sports & ExtraMurals


Order of events

07h00-07h30 Umpires Briefing

08h00-14h30 Matches



First Aid

Matthew Reuben: 082 665 7750

Director of Hockey Coaching

Julian Hykes

Festival Coordinator & Director of Hockey

Matthew Reuben: 082 665 7750

Head of Sport

Koos du Toit: 082 715 6454


Festival Rules

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) Rules of Hockey will govern play. In addition, the following Festival rules will apply:

Note: Failure by a team to comply with the rules as outlined here may result in the match being forfeited.

Player dress and equipment

1. Mouth guards and shin guards are mandatory for all players. Any violation of this rule will be treated as misconduct according to the Rules of Hockey and may result in a player not being allowed to take the field.

2. Goalkeepers must wear fully masked helmets. Goalkeepers must wear a shirt colour different from their team’s and the opposing team’s primary colour.

3. Members of all teams must be in proper uniform. Each team should preferably have two sets of uniform, one distinctly light and one distinctly dark. If teams do not have a second kit, they may be required to play in bibs. The team listed first on the match programme will wear light uniform, with the team listed second wearing dark uniform or bibs, which will be provided.

4. Jewellery may not be worn.


1. Only those players who are on the approved team roster at registration may play.

2. Substituting players must enter the field of play after the substituted player has left the field of play over the same sideline at mid-field near the team bench.

3. A team that forfeits a game for any reason may forfeit their right to play in the 20178 Festival.


1. A match is official when both teams have a minimum of nine (9) players, including a goalkeeper, in proper uniform, on the field, by no later than the scheduled time.

2. The duration of each game will be one period of 25 minutes. Match times will only be altered in the event of serious injury and/or time-outs.

3. Each 25-minute game shall begin and end at the sound of the central horn.

4. Each team will be given one time-out, which may not be used in the last five minutes of play.

5. At the conclusion of the game, the tech table will record the score and each team coach/captain will sign the scorecard, verifying the accuracy of the score for the official record. Once the scorecard has been signed, the score of that game becomes official.

6. Power Play period— The last five minutes of each game will be deemed a powerplay. During this time all goals scored will count double. The opposition may select one outfield player to sit out of the powerplay period, effectively creating a 10v10 situation.


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