Feeding Scheme

Help change the life of a vulnerable child.

The Dainfern College Feeding Scheme, run under the auspices of the Dainfern College Foundation, currently feeds 150 vulnerable children of Itirele-Zenzele High School, 30 children from the LEAP 4 School and 150 vulnerable children of ReShomile Primary School in Diepsloot. All the children registered on the Feeding Scheme are from previously disadvantaged communities and most rely on the Feeding Scheme as their sole source of food. We currently have 434 children registered at the three schools who have been identified as being in need; however, of these we are able to feed only 330.

The Feeding Scheme is funded solely by donors to the scheme and 100% of the funds are used to finance the monthly food parcels that each child receives. These parcels contain staple food items like maize meal, long-life milk and baked beans.

We would desperately like to feed all the children in need of assistance as it is heart-breaking to turn away hungry children. One-time donations or monthly debits of any amount will help us achieve this goal.

Our grateful thanks go to all of our Dainfern College parents who already contribute to the Feeding Scheme.

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