About the Foundation

Who we are

The Dainfern College Foundation was established in 2012 with the primary objective of providing a constant flow of funding for the school by raising capital and investing the funds as an endowment to generate interest with which to build the Dainfern College of the future.

In our short history, the Foundation has embraced the necessity to become a more dynamic entity that focuses strongly on relevant, basic needs that affect the education of our children - both at Dainfern College and at our partner schools in previously disadvantaged communities - in order to increase the impact of our educational facility on the world around us.

The current focus of the Foundation is on Community. This strategic pillar includes education, a feeding scheme and various other outreach initiatives that aim to assist with improving access to education for children from less fortunate backgrounds.

A registered trust

The Dainfern College Foundation is a separate registered trust managed by a board of trustees. The Foundation has public benefit organisation status and can therefore issue tax exemption certificates to all its donors. It operates a separate bank account to that of the school and is audited on an annual basis. The Foundation is a level 4 contributor to BEE.

The Board of Trustees

The Foundation Board of Trustees, working under the authority of the Board of Governors of Dainfern College, drives the staregic funding plan and ensures fiduciary governance of the Foundation. 

Members of the Foundation Board are: 

James Forson (Chairman); Patti Blackhurst; Seamus Casserly; Cheryl Coetzee; Matthew Davies; Steven Delport; Patrick Dlamini; Mike Love; Gwen Makhathini; Faizal Motlekar; Busi Msimang; Brendan Quinn; Happy Ralinala and Grant Wolpert.

Dainfern College

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Dainfern College, 96 Broadacres Drive, Dainfern

PO Box 3199, Dainfern, 2055

Tel: +27 (0)11 469 0635; Email: info@dainferncollege.co.za